Soup, toasted bread 14 V

    Pro-biotic bowl, rice noodles, grilled tofu, mixed leaves, kimchi, peanut sauce + pickled chillies 18 GF VG

    Turmeric fried tofu, asian slaw + ponzu sauce 16 VG

    Zucchini + mint fritters, mixed leaves, apple, celery, fetta + lemon 18 V

    Roasted beetroot salad, orange, fetta, toasted pine nuts, mixed leaves + balsamic reduction 19 GF V


    Turmeric fried chicken, asian slaw + Kewpie mayo 18 GF

    Pork and pistachio terrine, beetroot relish + crisp breads 17 GF

    Sticky ginger and chilli pork belly, grilled eggplant salad + coconut rice 22 GF

    Lamb kofta, hummus, tomato and onions, labneh + flat bread 22

    Beef pho, rice noodles, coriander, mint + chilli 20 GF

    Denmark marron, green pea risotto + preserved lemon 26 GF

    Crispy ginger and Groper gyoza, pickled ginger, coriander, ponzu, rice + pickled
    veg 20


    Smoked salmon bagel, dill cream cheese, capers + mixed leaves 18

    Sirloin ciabatta, mixed leaves, tomato, fetta, beetroot relish + shoestring
    chips 22

    Classic hamburger, mixed leaves, tomato, beetroot, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, tomato sauce + shoestring chips 17


    Hummus 8 GF VG
    + crisp bread 4 GF VG

    Crispy potatoes, jalapeños + sea salt 8 GF

    Sweet potato wedges + sweet chilli 12 GF

    Shoestring chips 8 GF
    + aioli 2


    Cheese toasties 6
    Chicken wings + salad 8
    Fish + Chips 9

    Please let us know if you have any Dietary requirements or allergies