• Soup, toasted bread 14 V

    Warm house marinated olives 10 VG GF

    Grazing platter, cured meats, cheese, pickled veg, olives, sesame crackers 22 GF

    Vego grazing platter, grilled haloumi, pickled veg, grilled eggplant, olives, sesame crackers 22 V GF

    Hummus, EVO, dukkah, Ciabatta breads 14 VG

    Pork and chicken terrine, beetroot relish, crisp breads 16

    Twice cooked chicken, mixed leaves, white bean shoots, and chilli sauce 22

    Steamed fish cakes, carrot and cucumber salad 22

    Thai Green Curry, steamed rice, crispy shallots 24 GF

    Pork belly, butternut pumpkin, apple and walnut salsa 23 GF


    Crispy rice cakes, mixed leaves, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, herbs, chilli. 21 VG GF

    Braised beef Croquettes, Asian style slaw, sticky sauce 24

    Denmark marron, kelp noodles, Asian style slaw 22 GF


    Australian Smoked salmon bagel, dill cream cheese, mixed leaves, capers 18

    Sirloin Ciabatta, mixed leaves, tomatoes, fetta, beetroot relish 22

    Croque monsieur, leg ham, Dijon mustard, tasty cheese 12


    lunch menu 2017-18 imageCheese toasties 6

    Kids fish and chips 9

    Chicken wings and salad 8

    Shoestring chips 8

    Aioli 2