• Bloody Mary /10

    Fresh juices, seasonal fruit, orange, apple, carrot, ginger, beetroot, celery /7

    Toast, homemade preserves /5

    Espresso and cashew butter smoothie: espresso, cashew butter, soy milk, bananas /9

    Rice pudding: dates, cardamom, orange, pistachio /15 GF V

    Beef pho: rice noodles, spices coriander, mint, basil, chillies /16 GF

    Sweet potato and chickpea fritters: spinach, balsamic reduction, onion jam, fetta /17
    – add poached eggs /2 GF V

    Fresh ricotta and mixed mushroom toasts: tarragon, spring onions, parsley /15
    – add poached eggs /2 V

    Gluten free bread toast, homemade preserves /8 GF

    Homemade fruit bread toast /8

    Pancakes, bacon, banana, maple syrup /14

    Mrs Jones’ muesli, yoghurt, seasonal fruit salad /12 V

    Turmeric panna cotta, grain free granola, fresh seasonal fruit /12 V DF GF

    Eggs Benedict, bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce /18

    Pork and fennel sausage, bacon, fried eggs, tomato relish /18
    – with scrambled eggs /2

    Shakshuka, tomato, capsicum, fetta, spices, baked eggs, fresh coriander /17 GF V

    Free range eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), toast /12 V


    Mushroom, egg, avocado, spinach, onion jam, tomato relish, hash brown /4 ea.

    Bacon, sausage /6 ea.

    Smoked salmon /7


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